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E-mail : lsyd@lsyd.com
Wulibao Industrial Zone, Dawei,XInmi,Henan,China

Zhengzhou Yuandong Refractory Co.,ltd was established in 1998, Located in Zhengzhou, China. Yuandong has got 300 employees with 86000 square meters areas, and the annual casting capacity can reach to 20000 tons.

Until now, Yuandong owned more than 300 patents and passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and other management certifications. And from 2008, Yuandong started working with Janpanese management company to carry out TPS management system in the company. At the meantime Yuandong also worked others international companies such as CREAM UK to improve the quality consistency.

At this moment, Yuandong has got two automatic production lines. The material batch feeding process and melting process are under computer digitized management. And Yuandong has 62 sets cutting and grinding equipments, 15 sets specialized assembling equipments and 3 sets assembling platform of 2050 square meters, which can enable us to assembling 1000 tons float glass furnace. In addition, Yuandong imported some advanced test and analysis equipments, such as the Radar inner scan equipments can test the shrinkage of blocks, the X-RAY Fluorescence analyser can give us the accurate chemical analysis within 15 minutes. Furthermore Yuandong adopt self ERP management system to achieve high management efficiency.

The main products of Yuandong is fused cast AZS blocks, AZS33#, AZS36#, AZS41#. And the products have already been exported to Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, UK, France, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, and etc.